a childless mother of none a heathen, (To fail) her purpose redirected at the tender age of twenty two (a walking casket, the crowd throws flowers, and mourns, spitting sentiments of well wishes and good health. Rejoice!) open up the hollow points of her decaying Womb, (the space has been labeled an empty tomb) WastedContinue reading “maternity”


(bang!)   the echo stretches for miles   even the trees stop and turn   and all is still   one slip of a finger on the silver hammer cuts a clear path through the front wall and out the back   (enter through the side door, exit through the window)   and everything youContinue reading “intention(al)”

Introductions are Overdue

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou Four years. It has been four long years since I had my first breakdown and I have had one additional one since. I have not been the same since then, spending most of my days inside my own home, hidingContinue reading “Introductions are Overdue”