“unbeingdead isn’t beingalive” e. e. cummings Another draft from the beginning of December for my fellow winter, bluesy babes because vulnerability is all I got left. Hang in there folks, it’s war out there. ~ I hate the cold season. In the warmer seasons, I already tend to feel fidgety and anxious when saying outContinue reading “Head(space)”


Where will I find you againMy friend?On this road or at anotherBend?Maybe, at the end ‘We are all just getting by’A statement presentWhen we Cry But the truth can’t Lie We’re all just trying to getByLeave me flowers near my Stone,Once I have left this world Alone,After you have finally grown Older, May love findContinue reading “Reset”


a childless mother of none a heathen, (To fail) her purpose redirected at the tender age of twenty two (a walking casket, the crowd throws flowers, and mourns, spitting sentiments of well wishes and good health. Rejoice!) open up the hollow points of her decaying Womb, (the space has been labeled an empty tomb) WastedContinue reading “maternity”