Memoir Excerpts

for the love of the game

It took me twenty some years to find out that my mother had a major love for baseball. Twenty years of no games on the television and seemingly no interest and this woman sits and sketches me a diagram of a field, rules and all. I remember the first time sitting and listening to herContinue reading “for the love of the game”

take me to church

“Religion is a breeding ground Where the devil’s work is deeply found…“ Sleeping at Last **Trigger Warning** What does it mean to say “I grew up in the church.” Some of us make the statement without even thinking about the weight of it, myself included. Just a standard fact of observation, a piece of historicalContinue reading “take me to church”

The Magic Jaw

“I can’t tell you why you shoulda’ known it, sensitive kid start acting like a grown up” Cold War Kids “You were such a little brat as a child, I hated having to deal with you. You have grown so much since then!” Adults of my past went to such great lengths to ensure IContinue reading “The Magic Jaw”

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