Memoir Excerpts


“After great pain, a formal feeling comes –The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs –“ Emily Dickinson It has been quite a long few months since my last book excerpt share. It’s still new and a bit emotional each time, no matter the number of details or how often I do it. Reminding myself that itContinue reading “Vile”

for the love of the game

It took me twenty some years to find out that my mother had a major love for baseball. Twenty years of no games on the television and seemingly no interest and this woman sits and sketches me a diagram of a field, rules and all. I remember the first time sitting and listening to herContinue reading “for the love of the game”

take me to church

“Religion is a breeding ground Where the devil’s work is deeply found…“ ~ Sleeping at Last What does it mean to say “I grew up in the church.” Some of us make the statement without even thinking about the weight of it, myself included. Just a standard fact of observation, a piece of historical dataContinue reading “take me to church”

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