Alone, now

i’m not supposed to be here and you are not supposed to stay it’s made clear you’ve left long ago but as you can see we are never quite on the same page i bleed alone, now, and carry myself i’ve sheltered me better, to tether my health; with the alter removed and a tasteContinue reading “Alone, now”

what it be

what it be let it be let what should be free, be freed within thee and what has to be, be by my own decree Just let what be and let others flee when it is time for them to flee (Let me flee, I must Flee) for I am free, to be me forContinue reading “what it be”

dear brother

dear brother, don’t forget to turn out the lights (dear brother, don’t forget to let go)   the leaves will still choose to change their colors and the earth beneath you will still turn all the same   what is gone is over, the dead cannot speak any more than they can hear; your criesContinue reading “dear brother”