i just want to hold us and make us feel 
 we’ve been in this space and we’ve always been 
 i’ve grown such a fondness for what
 we could do, would you cling to 
 my hand
 if I reached out for 
 (To suggest such a thing would make fools, of us both
 I would suffocate, snap, and 
 Twist you like 
 I would tear through your
 Soul, if you gave me
 Your reins, would the thought of me still
 Be one
 And the same?)
 i am sorry we are not, though i’ll always
 give it thought, I will watch you from
 over here
 but know that I will always be near, so don’t fear
 for the day, when you are ready 
 to shed that first tear 
 i am always going to be 
 right here 

~ A. L. Stippich

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