tomorrow is almost, 
it’s there, 
(like today)
just clearer and cleaner and 
further away, but tomorrow
always comes at the break of
each day 
and tomorrow is here much
too soon

’tis today in reverse, stuck 
in yesterday’s curse, as tomorrow 
is yesterday’s turn at 
the bend, (half a tick
to the end!)
just a few loops around 
back to yesterday’s town 
and tomorrow is back here

i am stuck in today watching
history replay, fixed on yesterday’s
and today’s quicker pace, as each  
story untold unfurls and
and new days for others

so if the cycle should end, and 
tomorrow begin
as if today had never become,
would i wake up the same,
would i feel the same pain from when 
snuffed out my 

~ A. L. Stippich

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