the office

No, not the funny one with Steve Carrell. 

I’ve been working on making my home office a personal sanctuary (or bubble of sorts) for a longer amount of time than I am willing to admit. Trying to make a workspace that feels safe amid the unsafe. Conundrum!

Setting up the room, though, has made it more than just a work space which is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. I have such beautiful display pieces and furniture from fam that I can FINALLY utilize and I have more (or not enough?) plants than I will ever need. 

I did the DIY desk build from two filing cabinets and an unfinished oak slab from Ikea that I slapped some clear finish on, which felt like a big accomplishment. It has an amazing amount of space to fill up and I can set it up any way I want. 

The yarn and knickknack shelves are all IKEA born and raised. I love collecting unique boxes and vintage cameras (some of which I have definitely operated). 

I’ve also always wanted a regal, deep blue, velvet couch from the 1930’s so for now, a futon with a blue cover and velvet yellow pillows will do. My gifted, personalized pillows could not go better (shout out to anyone familiar with the quote!). 

Also, a moment of silence, please, as we bask in the glory of the Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet gifted to me by my equally antique obsessed mama in law a few Christmases ago. Is she not gorgeous? All of my many (many, many…) knitting needle sets and tools fit PERFECTLY. Though my decorations change from time to time, Groot will forever protect her while perusing through some of my favorite issues of Vogue. 

I still have a few things here and there that need sorting but overall, I finally feel comfortable; success achieved.

Now, time to get to work.

Cheers, xoxo.

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