April Showers

The month of March has really beat me to a pulp, hence the lack of posts. Sometimes the emotional ups and downs in mental health are just too much and the idea of practicing vulnerability feels more like horror and suffocation and makes me want to hide forever. With that being said, I am goingContinue reading “April Showers”

southern bells (mama)

Mama, There is trouble in the dark folds of the clouds There’s a steady wind that’s stirrin’ A foul chill from the southern towns There is death on the horizon, Hatred hangin’ from the trees People trying to be heard but Being brought down on their Hands and knees Mama, There’s a war that’s spillingContinue reading “southern bells (mama)”

take me to church

“Religion is a breeding ground Where the devil’s work is deeply found…“ ~ Sleeping at Last What does it mean to say “I grew up in the church.” Some of us make the statement without even thinking about the weight of it, myself included. Just a standard fact of observation, a piece of historical dataContinue reading “take me to church”


(bang!)   the echo stretches for miles   even the trees stop and turn   and all is still   one slip of a finger on the silver hammer cuts a clear path through the front wall and out the back   (enter through the side door, exit through the window)   and everything youContinue reading “intention(al)”


a childless mother of none a heathen, (To fail) her purpose redirected at the tender age of twenty two (a walking casket, the crowd throws flowers, and mourns, spitting sentiments of well wishes and good health. Rejoice!) open up the hollow points of her decaying Womb, (the space has been labeled an empty tomb) WastedContinue reading “maternity”

dear brother

dear brother, don’t forget to turn out the lights (dear brother, don’t forget to let go)   the leaves will still choose to change their colors and the earth beneath you will still turn all the same   what is gone is over, the dead cannot speak any more than they can hear; your criesContinue reading “dear brother”