my old friend, Otis

If there was a better way to go then it would find me I can’t help it, the road just rolls out behind me Be kind to me, or treat me mean I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine. Fiona Apple Otis was not originally called Otis. Otis needed a new name.Continue reading “my old friend, Otis”

what it be

what it be let it be let what should be free, be freed within thee and what has to be, be by my own decree Just let what be and let others flee when it is time for them to flee (Let me flee, I must Flee) for I am free, to be me forContinue reading “what it be”

We had a fight

Weekends around here are always a gamble for my husband and I. The weeks end up draining everything from us due to both of our insanely stressful jobs and by the weekend, every ounce of energy is just gone. It’s always difficult trying to even have social lives when, by the weekend, we cannot evenContinue reading “We had a fight”

slow boats

that faithful cigarette burns a holein her side,displaced thoughts dancealong the cornersof her abandonedroom, asslow boats ripagainstthe high tidesof her troubled mind a selflesssuicide, (vacancy)plays a tunebehind those hostileeyes;her thin words etchedalong the dotted line who is she? (a ghost?)a piece of familiara shadow of yesterdaycreeping upfrom behind to pull youunder (the ocean’s deep)and theContinue reading “slow boats”

June Flowers…

Yeah, I know, I said I would be back in May but sometimes my timeouts last longer than I would prefer. Even the best laid plans…c’est la vie. On a positive note, I have been able to keep up the writing, designing, and creating, despite my silence on social media so before diving back intoContinue reading “June Flowers…”

Fuck April

Vulnerability alert, kids, heads up. You know those points in your life where it feels like after every wake and before every sleep, everything is falling apart. Bad news is sitting on the edge of anticipation and the ache of it fills up all the gaps inside of you. That’s been April here in 2021.Continue reading “Fuck April”

the woman in the woods

she hangs her roses deep in the middle of the woods a thick tree with a high branch, it groans under the weight she starts from the top and lets them swing down, low petals graze the mossy earth (her roses sway where her children can’t see from the bottom of the creek where sheContinue reading “the woman in the woods”