(less)ons learned

Be less like you and be more 
like me
Shame your ambitions, and throw
All of your diamonds 
Into the sea

Be less impatient, and keep your
Face clean, 
Stay silent when spoken, and keep your
Exactly where they should be; stay 

Be less of what they ignore, and more of what they need,
Be attainable, 
Be a goddamn bore, 
But just make for damn sure you stay 

Be forgotten when they are
Happy and free
and be a hemorrhagic vessel once their
Have fallen into the 

This is not a place you should expect to be
This is not your world to stake any
No one will seek you 
Inside your times of pain, so remain, 
And stay 
Just exactly the same
Be less

~ A. L. Stippich

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