tonight i whispered goodbye on the wind; it danced across the keys of an untuned piano, and carried through an opening door, and slivered through a black, lace shawl, and whistled through the leaves of the tallest tree, and tumbled across shards of broken glass, and dove into the violent sea, and was swallowed byContinue reading “whispers”

Alone, now

i’m not supposed to be here and you are not supposed to stay it’s made clear you’ve left long ago but as you can see we are never quite on the same page i bleed alone, now, and carry myself i’ve sheltered me better, to tether my health; with the alter removed and a tasteContinue reading “Alone, now”

the woman in the woods

she hangs her roses deep in the middle of the woods a thick tree with a high branch, it groans under the weight she starts from the top and lets them swing down, low petals graze the mossy earth (her roses sway where her children can’t see from the bottom of the creek where sheContinue reading “the woman in the woods”