A storm is coming, we
Can feel it deep
Inside our bones,
We have lost the will to
Make the clock move
When we’ve already lost 
Our only home

Return to sender, we’re
The firsthand offender, a
Coward in wolves clothing, torn 
ripped, and cheaply 

Raised in violence, keep every pain
In silence, 
(No one cares once eighteen comes to
Town, just make sure to
hit the ground)
It’s not like anyone will be
waiting around 
We won’t be what they’ve been
Searching for and we won’t be
What they have finally

There is no one to embrace  
There is nothing we have left
To leave at the door
(What a goddamn bore 
We must be when
They don’t come 
But we can drown out the 
After all, the voices are starting 
To become quite 

I think I hear a storm is 
Coming soon

~ A. L. Stippich

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